One Thing, Two Things, Three Things

I set out to write this post mostly as an update. Several things piled up into what I wanted to say today.

The semester began yesterday, and I’m still getting into the groove of things. Most of my classes this semester require lots of reading, which isn’t really a problem, but I might not be as active as a blogger as I would like to be, as I’m focusing on jump-starting my life and career right now. Interestingly, I discovered in my physical science book this morning that no one understands time the way we measure it concretely (by seconds), but through events, which adds a scientific explanation to my disassociative tendencies as well as my previous post about New Years. We only really understand time as a series of events. It also provided me with some positive insight to remind me that we should always be moving forward. Time doesn’t move in any other direction. If you hang out on Pinterest for positive quotes for your handlettering projects (which I do), you’ve probably seen hundreds of quotes that insist upon a forward-thinking mentality. Physics schooled me by telling me to ignore the past. (ya burnt)


“Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.” “Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.” “Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.” This appears way more often than you think. 


Now that school’s begun, most of my educational focus will once again return to projects for my classes. I enjoyed using the break to practice web development and graphic design skills, but I’ll have to wait for Spring Break to spend all my energy on that. However, I began the Daily UI challenge and I’ve been doing it every day (although not posting the designs anywhere, because this is primarily a learning challenge for me, and I’d rather study UI design further before sharing my work). I might eventually do the challenge again, but at the very least I plan to use what I learn in books and other resources while I’m creating these designs and recreate them later if they weren’t up to par. If you haven’t done the Daily UI challenge before, I highly recommend it! You might think it wouldn’t help you improve, but at least for me, I spend so much time researching every time I’m prompted to work on these. I also feel like it’s helping me decrease the time needed to create a prototype, and it’s helped me identify any of the issues I have as a designer (namely, I appreciate minimalism too much and need to learn how to balance simplicity with anything more). These are crucial to improvement in general. Do it! You don’t have to share what you don’t like!

I can’t wait to finally take courses in my actual degree plan, though. I keep focusing my individual projects and work on those skills, but when I finally get a chance to do that 24/7 I imagine more personal growth will be on the way. I need to do some research for UI design books or blogs (does anyone have any recommendations?). I feel lost doing my daily UIs based only on what I already know with some daily research before working on it. I know about the monster UX booklist, but I wonder if there are any books used in universities to teach these concepts? I’ll look into it this week and if any of you are also seeking this information, I’ll let you know what I find. Honestly, that list probably has exactly what I need in it, but I’ve only read the more theoretical or conceptual books, rather than something that helps with the application of said concepts.

Well, I hope that blogging helps me get out all of my not academically appropriate jargon and conversation so that my essays and journals are not poorly written this semester. I’m studying two languages on the side, so my writing skills are just going to be all over the place right now. I hope everyone is doing well! I’ll try to log in at least once more before January ends. (I forgot my password actually…and finally got around to resetting it today)

Much love,



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